Project - Health Without Barriers


The Project SAUDE SEM BARREIRAS was developed by Solidariedade Imigrante throughout 2018 and contributed to the association's overall goals:

  • Promoting the rights of immigrants
  • Promoting equal opportunities
  • Fighting and exposing situation of discrimination

With a specific focus on health issues, the project aimed to promote the multilevel integration of immigrants, both new arrivals and people with longer residence in Portugal, and to support these citizens in their integration process, providing them with the necessary tools.

Within the scope of the project, three complementary activities were developed:

  1. Individualized assistance to immigrants

    With an adjusted approach to each case, we complemented the general assistence already provided by the association, introducing an added value in the provision of information on access to health and close monitoring of cases where access to health is hampered.

  2. Production of an informative video and website

    Built by immigrants themselves, the video points out some of the problems foreign residents encounter in contacting health services and provides relevant information in this subject. The video is hosted on this website where additional information is available.

  3. Survey and Forum Theater

    This activity consisted of the application of questionnaires to immigrants who sought the help of Solidariedade Imigrante to survey the determinants of access to health. The results of this survey can be viewed on this website. They also gave form to a Forum Theater on access to health, developed with the cooperation of Grupo de Teatro do Oprimido de Lisboa (GTO).

The project was developed with the help of volunteers and the financial support of the Office of the High Commissioner for Migration.


Gender of the interviewed people


Nationality of the interviewed people

Arrival to Portugal

Year when the interviewee arrived to portugal (period)

Residence permit

Weather or not the interviewee has a residence permit

Went to the doctor

Weather or not the interviewee went to a doctor in Portugal

Public or private healthcare system

Of all the interviewed that went to a doctor, which kind of service were they seeking

Health Center or Hospital

Of all the interviewed that went to the public sector, which kind did they go to

National Healthcare (SNS) number

Of all the interviewed that went to a doctor, how many have a SNS number


Of all the interviewed that went to a doctor, how many had dificulties

Type of dificulty

Of all the interviewed that felt dificulties, which kind did they feel