Who we are

What we do

Solidariedade Imigrante is a national, not-for-profit organisation, set up in 2001 in order to defend the rights of immigrants in Portugal.

We claim an independent voice, so we may fully take part in the struggle for the defense of our common rights and interests.

We want everyone to be in a position to exercise their rights as citizens, without regard to country of origin, religion, race or gender.

We belong to various national and international organisation networks: Plataforma de Associações de Imigrantes, Rede de Combate a Exclusão Social e Pobreza, a Plataforma artigo 65 – Habitação para tod@s and the No-Vox network. We are also part of the Portuguese social forum.We are a resistance and pressure group.

We believe in solidarity between Portuguese and foreign citizens, in order to defend interests that are common to all workers.

Our organisation counts thousands of members, from over 80 different countries.

Every day, we keep up the fight for our financial autonomy.Those who help us, help the organisation, through their membership and monthly contribution, in a spirit of dependability, in a shared struggle.

We give information and support about rights and duties of the foreigner citizens concerning regulations (residence permit), family reunification, political asylum and rights of education, health, living space plus social and working insurance.

we help and accompany workers in the resolution of their problems at work.

we offer help in situations concerning to prison, court and the international zone of the Lisbon airport.

we have a partnership with the Institue of work and professional education (UNIVA) to support and accompany immigrants with the search of jobs and education.

we organize language courses (Portuguese, English, Russian, courd and Arabian) and computer courses.

we organize dance, percussion, video and other artistic workshops.

we organize intercultural get-togethers and concerts in order to defend the human rights with the aim to give access to different cultures and to debate ideas and experiences.

we organize and participate in debates and expositions about the fight of the immigrants in Portugal in cooperation with universities, schools and other organizations.

we intend to organize even more activities in the neighborhoods, the working space and in the streets provided your participation.

we organize dinners with cuisine from all around the world, accompanied by debates, films, and music from the correlative countries to promote the intercultural confrontation and life together.

Besides the mentioned activities that involve all kind of immigrant communities, our association also created more working areas, for example, the magazine SOLIM, the group of youth and mobility, the group for the right of living space and the group of immigrant women.